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We currently have 50 active members. The welcome mat is always out!! Having fun while doing good is synonymous for our group. We meet the first Tuesday of the month from September to June, with a two month break in the summer. The majority of meetings are usually dinner meetings at varying local establishments. At the start of each year, small groups of active members are assigned a month in which they plan a meeting for the membership. Monthly meeting are never dull and planners are often very creative when planning a meeting. It sometimes is themed to the month for example, February’s meeting can have a Valentines theme, while March’s meeting can have a St Patrick’s day theme. For membership you need to come out and attend at least three meetings, plus an executive before you can officially join the club. Annual fees are $10.00 a year and members need only get involved in the projects that appeal to them and that they have the time for. There is no minimum requirement for service hours. Initiation into the club happens twice a year in November and March. If you are interested in finding more about our group, fill out the request form below…someone will be in touch!!

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